Sunday, September 9, 2012


Henry David Thoreau “Walking” shows both a connection to the natural world as well as the appreciation of it. Thoreau’s deep appreciation of nature from the traveler’s perspective is noted with integrity that he brings within himself. Walking handles a great amount of attention on nature, changing of seasons, and the animals in the woods that he shares with. He describes in his own account with his experience on walking on his property so we know that it is not just about the physical aspect of walking, but more into the appreciation of nature. Walking helps appreciate the value of the wilderness; he is not that ready to become a farmer as he might think. Thoreau sway’s his audience to enter a “spiritual journey” almost as if you were being emersed in the story. The tone of this essay is the opening of the cogitation that reveals a great amount about Thoreau’s character. Thoreau marks himself as someone who might not be well acceptable to take the wild of the nature and tame it. What we should take out of the walk is to be symbolically perfect in the path that we love to travel anywhere in the world. 

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