Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Price We Pay

This is an amazing story that shows true bravery about his personal experience on that tragic day. The Price We Pay is a mournful story, but also comes with a good message. Our country is not afraid; I don’t know why people could ever think of doing such tragic things to so many, but everyone knows that there are people out there that are not always there and sick in the head, and when it comes to our country we never backed down once, it will only make us stronger. I couldn’t imagine how scared Adam would be thinking this would be another normal day at work and then everything just flashed before his eyes. He is one brave man to stay calm throughout the whole situation, trying to be so optimistic in that time of chaos shows a lot of strength. The reading gave me the imagination as if I was right by his side experiencing what he was experiencing with all the details of what was happening. It was harrowing that someone had to go through a day no one will ever forget but he is a hero in my book. He didn’t have to save people and put his life up for risk, it is awe-inspiring that so many have survived because of him.

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  1. I defiantly agree that this story is very sad, but it does inform us of what really happened that day. Many people were unaware of what was going on in the building while all of this was happening, I never realized that the workers did not know that a plane had hit the towers. The thought of how scared Adam Mayblum must of been, is insane; I can not believe how calm he kept himself during this tragic day. I totally agree with your thoughts on him being a hero. He kept his composure and helped those in need, especially since he was the one to come up with the idea of holding on to one another when they lost electricity. He is not like everyone else, and did an amazing job of keeping everyone calm and together.