Saturday, September 29, 2012

"In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning."

Cox rants about the over use of air conditioning in his story, and how it will most likely bring around the fate of civilization in general. He goes on to describe the authentic utopia that Americans could create if we would just disregard this horrible device, the air conditioner, and a return to a time that was a lot simpler before its invention. He makes a picture for the reader a vision of the work place that should decrease the use air conditioning. Cox says that “In a world without air conditioning, a warmer, more flexible, more relaxed workplace helps make summer a time to slow down again.” If he thinks this is true then Cox should definitely prove it. The thing is he can’t, Cox has not authoritative or believable evidence that proves his claim. There are some politically driven group of people that have classified carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. This means that they have made the assumption that people pollute our planet by the simple act of exhaling. If the United States is to be forced to give up the use of air conditioning maybe Cox could hold back from exhaling as a salute of good faith. 

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